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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Making friends

We are here in Tacoma almost a month.  Two weeks of that we were snowed in, but thankfully the last two weeks have been better.  We did make the most of the snow days and connected twice with acquaintances we met in Portland that moved to Tacoma a year ago.  The woman gave us lots of insights about Tacoma and was just fun to visit with.  Her son is a year older than Sterling and the boys got along well.

All three of us went and cleaned our Portland home a week ago Saturday.  We didn't get a lot done, but we saw how much there was to do.  We met with a potential property manager who gave us a lot of information that helped us to picture being able to rent our house.

Over the last week, I met the sister of a local pastor, and we struck up a friendship.  She is also a pastor and was serving a congregation she loved.  That call ended mid-January and they moved the day after we did.  She and I have a lot in common--sore muscles and hands from moving, grieving our congregations, feeling a little adrift.  She got me out for a nice walk along the waterfront on a sunny day and has showed me around Tacoma a little bit.  That has been very helpful.  She's from the area, so she has a good support network, but she's taken me under her wing, which I appreciate.

After getting a picture of what was going on with the house, I made a plan to go back last weekend and spend 2 nights and knock out as much of it as I could.  I invited some friends to come help.  Sterling ended up going with his grandparents overnight on Saturday and they even helped clean and took a load to the dump.  It was amazing what all we got accomplished.  Long story short, as soon as the handyman finishes installing the back door, it is ready to rent.  That is a huge weight lifted!

This week I sat down and input all my receipts for our taxes.  I am waiting until we plug in the printer to be able to finish them.  Remember when you had to go get your tax forms from the post office?  I felt a sense of accomplishment even locating our W-2s and the receipts.  I am feeling better about how I am spending my time.  I am trying to set a bit of a schedule and accomplish little things each day.

This week I had one interview and next week I have another.  That is helping me focus and stay hopeful.  I have an appointment for coffee today with a local pastor and a meeting tomorrow at a church I get to preach at on Ash Wednesday.  I also have another pulpit supply gig set up for April.  I got out the box that has my robe and stoles.  I haven't opened it yet. 

Finally, my neighbor from Portland and her daughter are coming to stay tomorrow night.  She's bringing her cot, since we don't have a bed for the guest room yet.  I'm looking forward to showing her around and having a nice visit.

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